About MLA

Sam and Kelly

What we do
MLA invests in research and marketing activities for the benefit of the Australian red meat and livestock industry.

How we work
MLA works in partnership with the red meat industry and government to deliver marketing, research and development products and services to the beef cattle, sheep and goat sectors, with the core purpose of fostering the prosperity of the red meat industry.

How we're funded
MLA is primarily funded by transaction levies paid on livestock sales by producers and are used to support marketing, research and development activities.

How we're governed
MLA is the declared industry marketing body and the industry research body under sections 60(1) and 60(2) of the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act.

Our marketing and research and development activities are guided by a robust corporate planning and reporting framework.

Who are we
Meet MLA’s Board and senior leadership team, find out more about the organisational structure, our subsidiary companies and human resources.